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Feature and Television 

credits include:                                                                    

(as Cinematographer / Camera Operator / VFX Cinematography)


The Bobby Brown Story – (B camera operator) – B.E.T. Network – Declan Quinn, DP
The Resident – (B camera operator – additional unit cinematographer) – Fox Network – John Brawley, DP
Rampage – (Camera operator - second unit) – Andrew Rolands, DP - Paul Jennings, director
Bleed – (A camera operator) – RRE Media (feature film) - Tom Camarda, DP – Bobby Roth, director
Insatiable – (B camera operator) – CBS / CW pilot – Alexander Gruszynski, DP – Andrew Fleming, director
24: Legacy – (B camera operator) – Fox Network – Jeff Mygatt, DP
Powers – (A operator second unit, C camera first unit) – Sony Television – Chris Faloona, DP
Battle Frog Championship – (camera operator) – ESPN Network /51 Dons – Matthias Schubert, DP
Stranger Things – (C camera operator) – Netflix Original Series – Tim Ives, DP
Paper Towns - (B camera operator / additional unit cinematography) - 20th Century Fox - David Lanzenburg, DP

The Longest Ride - (camera operator / additional unit cinematography) - 20th Century Fox - David Tattersall, DP

Secrets and Lies - (camera operator) - ABC Fox Television pilot episode - Frank DeMarco, DP - Charles McDougall, dir

Sleepy Hollow - (camer operator) - Fox Television - John Leonetti, Tod Campbell, DP

Iron Man 3 - (camera operator - 1st unit C camera, 2nd unit B camera) - Marvel Ent. - John Toll, DP - Shane Black, dir

The Witches of East End – (B camera operator) – Fox 21 / Lifetime Network – pilot episode – John Lindley, DP

Homeland – (additional camera operator) – Showtime Network – Nelson Cragg, DP

Revolution – (additional camera operator – NBC Television – David Hartley, producer – David Stockton, DP

The Remaining – (B camera operator) – Cinematic LLC - Casey LaScala, director – Doug Emmet, DP

Banshee – (B camera operator) – Cinemax Network – Greg Yaitanes, director

C.S.I. : Crime Scene Investigation – (Seasons: 2,3,4,6,7,8,9) 2nd unit and “CSI shots” cinematographer / operator

C.S.I. : Miami – (Seasons: 1,3,5,6,7) 2nd unit and “CSI shots” cinematographer/camera operator – CBS Television

C.S.I. : NY (Season 1) 2nd unit cinematographer / camera operator – CBS Television

Nitro Circus: the 3D Movie – (3D feature as camera operator) – Jeremy Rawl, Gregg Godfrey, directors

Taylor – (cinematographer and camera operator) Noble House Entertainment – Mark Roemmich, director

Zathura – (cinematographer of miniatures) – Columbia Pictures – Jon Favreau, director

X2: X-men United – (supervisor + cinematographer of miniatures) – 20th Century Fox - Bryan Singer, director

Vanilla Sky – (aerial and “greenscreen unit” cinematographer) Paramount Pictures - Cameron Crowe, director

A.I.-Artificial Intelligence – (“bluescreen unit” cinematographer/operator) - Dreamworks - Steven Spielberg, director

Titanic – (miniature unit cinematographer) – 20th Century Fox - James Cameron, director

The Sixth Day - (VFX supervisor – VFX cinematrographer) – Phoenix Pictures – Roger Spottiswoode, director

The Cell – (2nd unit cinematographer/camera operator) – New Line/Avery Pix – Tarsem, director

Volcano – (miniature supervisor / cinematographer… “best movie lava ever!”) – Fox 2000 - Mick Jackson, director

Shanghai Noon – (miniature unit cinematographer/camera operator) – Spyglass Ent.  – Tom Dey, director

Galaxy Quest – (2nd unit cinematographer / camera operator) - Dreamworks – Dean Parisot, director

The Sand Angels – (cinematographer/camera operator) Seabrook Entertainment – Bill O’Neil, director

The Net – (FX super – VFX unit cinematographer/camera operator) – Columbia Pictures – Irwin Winkler, director

The Cable Guy – (2nd unit cinematographer/camera operator) –Columbia Pictures – Ben Stiller, director

Money Train – (VFX unit cinematographer/camera operator) – Columbia Pic – John Lindley, DP – Joseph Ruben, director

Speed – (VFX unit cinematographer/camera operator) – 20th Century Fox – Jan de Bont, director

Die Hard III – (VFX unit cinematographer/camera operator) – 20th Century Fox – John McTiernan, director

Wolf – (VFX unit cinematographer/camera operator) – Columbia Pict – Sony Pictures Imageworks - Mike Nichols, director

Tall Tale – (“greenscreen unit” cinematographer/camera operator) – Caravan Pictures – Sony Pictures


3D Credits include:

The establishment of a groundbreaking 3D filmmaking educational program, in conjunction with the 3D Technology Center at Sony Pictures and IATSE International Cinematographers Guild local 600. The responsibilities included creating the curriculum for teaching 3D cinematography to cameramen, directors and industry executives on the creative and technical challenges of stereoscopic 3D filmmaking. This intensive, hands-on two day course taught on a soundstage at Sony Pictures takes a novice 3D filmmaker through the instructional process of understanding how to translate the 2D language of cinema to stereoscopic 3D and understanding how to manage screen parallax. Recent 3D teachings include the participation in the creation of UT3D, a 3D filmmaking curriculum of the University of Texas at Austin which is the first 3D filmmaking curriculum at a major University.


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (3D feature as stereographer) a Rob Marshall film / Jerry Bruckheimer Production

J2: Mysterious Island (3D feature as stereographer) Beau Flynn, Charlotte Huggins, producers – New Line Cinema

UFC 143 - 3D Live (Live 3D broadcast aired on Direct TV 3D and streamed to 140 theaters in 3D - stereographer for NEP and Concom Inc.)

Nitro Circus: the 3D Movie (3D feature as stereographer) Godfrey Productions – Jeremy Rawl, Gregg Godfrey, directors

Evanescene Concert (3D broadcast event as stereographer) All Mobile Video, MTV Europe – Matthew Amos, director

2012 Rose Parade 3D broadcast (Live 3D broadcast as stereographer for HGTV network aired on Direct TV 3D) Scripps Network production

Foo Fighters: Back and Forth (Live 3D broadcast to 80 digital cinemas as stereographer) Cinedigm Entertainment

Bikers vs. Nazis (3D film as cinematographer and stereographer) Matt Lockhart, director – Seven Cities Media

Maroon 5 Concert (3D broadcast event as stereographer) All Mobile Video – Matthew Amos, director

Ahead of Time (3D Film as director of photography) - Sean Phillips, director - Sony Pictures Imageworks

Seoul Snow Jam: Big Air World Cup (3D stereographer) – 3Ality Digital Productions / DigiLog Korea

We Are The World Redux (3D concert for Haiti relief (3D camera operator) – Action 3D Productions / AEG

Phish 3D (3D camera operator) – Larry Jordon, director - Action 3D Productions / AEG

Larger Than Life in 3D: Dave Matthews Band (3D camera operator) – Action 3D Productions / AEG

Black Eyed Peas 3D Concert (3D specialist) - 3Ality Digital Productions

Mile High Music Festival (3D camera operator) – Action 3D Productions / AEG

All Points West (music festival) (3D camera operator) – Action 3D Productions / AEG

Lollapalooza (2009 music festival) (3D camera operator) – Action 3D Productions / AEG

Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D (3D specialist) – 3Ality Digital Productions

Phillip Driscoll “Divine Awakening” (3D concert performance, 3D specialist) - 3Ality Digital Productions


Commercial Credits include

(cinematographer/camera operator):


MS Society – (multiple spots) – Millington Productions – Doug Millington, director

Arabian Horse Association – Millington Productions – Doug Millington, director

The Movie Channel - (feature intros) - Trollback & Company- Jacob Trollback, director

Hallmark Network (multiple commercials)- Nu-Wave Entertainment- Scott Williams, director

Scooby Doo - (Six Flags) - Denali Productions - Bob Carmichael, director

Hyundai - Tiburon - Lux Media - Sung Park, director

Hyatt - Blackhawk Casinos - Millington Prods. - Doug Millington, director

Baptist Hospital - Yu and Co. - Garson Yu, director

DHL - Pavlov films & Believe Media - John Lindauer, director

JVC - Digital Domain - Luc Besson, director

Mitsubishi - Naczinski and Associates - Steve Nacziniski, Samsung - Pavlov Productions - Sean Phillips, director - Click-3X - John Townley, director

Hyundai - Santa Fe - Aries Media Group - Joy Park, director

Hollywood For Children - Povlov Productions


Visual Effects supervisor (Los Angeles, CA) 1996 - 2009  – A wide-ranging experience in visual effects motion pictures and commercials beginning in the “pre-digital” days. Experiences in photochemical visual effects and modern digital compositing with computer generated images. Credits include: 


Twilight – (additional VFX supervision – 2nd unit) – Summit Entertainment, Katherine Hardwicke, director

Ask The Dust - (VFX Supervisor) – VIP Mediaforms - Robert Towne, director

The Sixth Day - (FX super - D.P.) - Phoenix Pictures - Roger Spottiswoode, director

Volcano - (FX super - D.P…. “best movie lava ever!”) - Fox 2000 - Mick Jackson, director

Dodge - R/Greenberg Associates - A Band Apart - Terry Windell, director

Citibank - R/Greenberg Associates - Cucoloris Films - Danny Ducovny, director

Hershey's - R/Greenberg Associates - Brady Films - Matthew Brady, director

Intel - Pavlov Films - Sony Pictures Imageworks - Flavio Campa, director



• Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  

. Visual Effects Society

• IATSE local 600- International Cinematographers Guild

• Professional references given upon request.

Dave Drzewiecki



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